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The toddler years continue to be an important time for your little one’s tummy. A balanced microbiota supports digestive health and the developing immune system --- over 70% of the immune system is in the digestive tract.

Gerber® Good Start® Grow Toddler Probiotic contains Lactobacillus reuteri (DSM 17938) that naturally colonizes the digestive tract and promotes good bacteria.

Daily use of L. reuteri can support digestive health and the immune system. It also helps with tummy issues that commonly occur during toddlerhood.

Nutrition Information


Gerber® Gentle Everyday Probiotic Drops

INGREDIENTS: Lactobacillus reutieri Protectis® (DSM 17938), Corn maltodextrin

Note: Information is subject to change. Please read the formula label for the most up-to-date nutritional information and preparation instructions.

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